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Magento is a flexible, open source ecommerce platform that powers over 250,000 online stores worldwide.


As an open source solution, developers have complete code visibility to create unique and engaging sites using Magento. Explore thousands of high-quality extensions available in the Magento Marketplace.


Magento has great documentation and is supported by a vibrant community of developers and partners (like Blayzer) who continually advance the platform by contributing code, creating new extensions, and participating in Magento forums and user groups.


Magento brings you world-class ecommerce at an unmatched price point – the community version is free. Instead of paying for licensing fees on a shrink-wrapped ecommerce solution, you can direct your resources toward creating a custom Magento solution that is truly tailored to your business.

  • Site Management

    Control multiple websites and stores from one Admin panel. Define roles and permissions to control access to administrative features.

  • Catalog & Product Management

    Create simple, configurable, bundled, and grouped products with unlimited attributes.

  • Promotions & Pricing

    Create flexible coupons. Set promotional pricing and multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts.

  • Order Management & Customer Service

    View comprehensive customer account dashboard and create, edit, view, and fulfill orders and/or invoices from the Admin panel.

  • Custom Design

    Design a unique site using 100% customizable responsive reference themes.

  • Mobile Commerce

    Quickly create a site optimized for any device using an included base responsive design reference theme.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Automatically generate a Google sitemap, create search engine friendly URLs, and metadata for products, categories, and content pages.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Gain insights with Google Universal Analytics and reports on sales, products reviews, search terms and more.

Magento is particularly well suited to integrating digital and physical shopping experiences, an absolute must in today’s omnichannel digital world.

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